Iot Ford Bronco with Jared Porcenaluk

April 29th, 2019 · 22 mins 43 secs

About this Episode

Guest Bio
Jared Porcenaluk is a warlock alchemist who bides his time by mixing software development and DevOps to create magical panaceas for all sorts of development process ailments. Lately, he's been delving into clairvoyance by way of the Internet of Things, gathering information from far off lands without even needing to be there. As many alchemists do, he swings between believing he's Level 1 and Level 20, depending on whether his latest potions succeed or fail. He writes, prolifically, on ancient scrolls, as well as Twitter @jporcenaluk and on his blog at

What was the quest?
I've been searching for a way to better understand my noble steed from anywhere in the four corners of this ancient kingdom. It is a Bronco with the power of more than a hundred average horses, specifically, it is a 1988 Ford Bronco II. He had been vexed with a spell that made it impossible to understand what his internal coolant temperature was, and so by mixing a Temperature Sensor elixir and, strangely enough, a raspberry pi, I was able to achieve a sort of second sight into the inner workings of the beast. Now I'm able to read the temperature of the coolant from anywhere, and most importantly, it is accurate.

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