Leveling Up in Haskell with Darren Hoehna

August 12th, 2019 · 30 mins 9 secs

About this Episode

Guest Bio
A male, human, force, or a FoMar. His go-to spell for quests is C#. Mainly because he's spent the most time studying C#. Also dabbling in C, C++, and Haskell. He also decided to become a Force because he likes having the power to bring computers to their knees and have them do what he says.
A level 6 back-end spellcaster. Darren can do some front-end spells when a major quest needs him to. But usually he sticks with the back-end spells. This does not mean Darren can't do front-end spells. He just chooses to learn more about back-end magic because he's better at it than front-end magic.

What was the quest?
Learning Haskell. I wanted to learn different languages to improve my coding skills and to make myself more marketable. I decided to learn Haskell because 1. Learning Functional Programming I heard would help my programming because of the practices FP makes you follow. 2. To prove to other people that learning Hasekll is hard and that is okay. Too many people want to learn something "right now", or, they quit when something gets too hard.